Case Study: Dentist Seeks New Patients

Nathan Mogren, DMD is a family dentistry practice providing top-of-the line dental care to patients along the Lakeshore. When Dr. Mogren called HADM, he wanted to build a website that would help them generate new patients who fit their ideal patient model. To do that, they needed a website that was locally visible, user-friendly, and that offered an educational element for better engagement.

To meet the goals of our client, we first had to design and build a unique website that would stand out from the rest. Dr. Mogren is not an average dentist and he didn’t want just an “average” dentistry website. With the recommendation of professional photography, as well as our custom design, their website now reflects the top-level care Mogren Dental and his team deliver to each of their patients. After the launch of the new website, our digital team optimized it for the best possible search engine results. The new, optimized website expanded Mogren Dental’s client base and increased their goal conversion by 266%.

All of the increases that Dr. Mogren saw in new patient revenue came to him at only a 2.14% marketing cost. That means that for every $2 that Dr. Mogren spent on our digital marketing services, he got $100 back in revenue. Now that’s ROI!

Would you spend $2 to make $100?

The great thing about our digital strategy? It can be executed for almost any professional service with similar results.

Check out the full case study with all of the details here:

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