So you’ve got the website for your dentistry all set up, but maybe you’re not getting as much traffic as you’d hoped. The entire purpose of your website is to get people looking at your business, right? You want people on your site so you can generate more clients for your dentistry. But what can you do to drive more traffic and increase your client numbers?

Make sure you’re listed on organizational websites
Your first priority should be the American Dental Association, but you’ll also want to check that you’re listed in other organizations, like local dental associations and societies.

Your state and region might have their own respective dental associations, so it’s important to try and list on all of these. The more you’re listed, the more credibility you build and the more your name gets out there. You’ll also want to ensure that all of these listings link back to your website.

Listings in local directories
Another great place to be listed is in local directories. Local directories are constantly searched by customers, and if your name is on that list, you’re more likely to get their traffic on your site. We’re from Michigan, so one of the best directories for us is MLive, our regional newspaper. No matter where your dentistry is located, there are plenty of other local news and directory sites all over the country to be listed in.

It’s also good to be listed on nationwide sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Bing and Google, because these sites will take into account people’s searches – like “Dentist in [your city]” – and provide area-specific results.

A really good way to get your name out there is through infographics. Whether it’s like the one below, or it’s a simple chart about correct oral hygiene practices, infographics are highly shareable and easily digestible. People can look at them for a few seconds, get the information, and if they find it useful they’ll share it to others.

Make sure your name and contact information are somewhere on the graphic, so that when it is shared, people know who to call if they have questions or need a dentist.

Keeping A Clean Toothbrush Routine-01

Infographic source: Delta Dental

Sponsor Local Events
One of the best ways to put your name out into your community is to sponsor local events. Usually, the event will list your dentistry’s name on their site as a sponsor, which will link back to your site, driving traffic.

Additionally, when the event takes place, sponsor names are often printed on banners, t-shirts, and other event-related items. This means your dentistry’s name will be highly visible, ensuring that you’ll be the first place people look when they need a dentist.

Name, Address and Phone (NAP)
We’ve talked about the importance of NAP before, and we’ll talk about it again, because NAP is an essential part of driving traffic to your website. Basically, when you make those listings we were talking about before, it’s paramount that they’re all exactly the same. Your name, address, and phone number should be identical across all listings. You can learn more about this in our NAP blog post, but simply put, by unifying your NAP you’ll better your search engine ranking, and it will be much easier for customers to find you.

After you’ve gone through and completed each of these tasks, make sure you follow up with our Digital Marketing Tips for Dentists. Download them now and start driving more traffic to your website, grow your practice and get new patients.

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