Creating and maintaining a presence on social media for your law firm can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to come up with things to post about, you have to monitor what your staff, colleagues, or clients might be posting about you. However trying social media may seem, remember that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be great lead generation tools to direct potential clients to your firm. Here are 5 easy ways to make your social media posts more engaging:


We can’t stress this enough: you should always include visuals with your posts. If you don’t have a photo to share, use one of the thousands of free stock photo sites like StockSnap, Unsplash, or Pexels to find general images that can relate to your post. On Facebook, Social Media Examiner reported that posts with photos have an 87% interaction rate versus the 4% without. For Twitter, photos can also make a big difference, boosting retweets by up to 35%.


Social media gives you and your firm the opportunity to build your brand. In a sense, your social media is another way for you to share your team’s personality. It lets people see another—still professional—side of you. Posts that celebrate big events in your team’s lives, like engagements, weddings, births, or retirements, can have a great impact on your social following and engagement. Shifting the emphasis on your people when the time is right creates a cycle of sharing by the friends and family of the people who have been featured. All the while, other users are seeing these occasional, personalized messages that make your firm seem more approachable.


Don’t hesitate to share your insight on topics you practice or are familiar with. By sharing your thoughts, you’re showing your expertise. Writing about law topics that apply to a broad range of people—first steps to writing a will, things to consider when drafting a contract, or explanation of child custody agreement—are instantly more shareable than if you just regurgitate someone else’s content. When you have specific topics you can even target your Facebook posts using the Facebook targeting tool. After you’re entered the guts of your post, you can click on the target button and type in interests and topics that apply to what you’re about to share.

Courtesy of Marketing Land

Courtesy of Marketing Land

That extra targeting step could help your messaging get in front of more people who are showing and sharing similar posts. Let social media be another place where you can show the world why they should hire you instead of Joe Schmo.


Just to clarify, hashtags are not just words following a pound sign that millennials use to make a point. does a great job of explaining hashtags, which they describe as a grouping of words following a pound sign that becomes a searchable link when used in a post on a social media platform. Translation? Hashtags are a way to track and organize content. If you have a post about handling a divorce case, you could use “#divorce” to help other users who are sharing similar content find your post. Hashtags can especially come in handy for step for number 5. (Or should we say #5?)


The golden rule applies to social media the same way it applies in real life. If you are nice to other people online, more often than not they’ll be nice right back. A great way for you to get more engagement on your posts is by engaging with other people. Answer people’s questions, compliment or engage with posts from other firms, and show some love to individual or corporate clients on their posts, even if those posts don’t relate back to you. On Twitter, the hashtag’s power is turned on full force. A simple hashtag can open the door to complete strangers finding your profile and starting conversations with you. Most of the time, those discussions draw a lot of attention to you and your profile, maybe even garnering a new follower or two.

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