So your small business is considering SEO services, but you’re not sure if it’s the right move. The results seem positive, but it also seems like a lot of time and effort to put into just your website. So what are the actual benefits? What will SEO do for you that other marketing methods won’t? Here’s what we consider to be just the top 6 advantages of SEO services for your small business:

Attract new clients through organic search

The most effective advantage of SEO services will be the increase in rankings of your organic search results. Studies have shown that many people on search engines subconsciously skip past the top, ad generated results, right to the organic results. This means your website has a higher chance of attracting new customers if it shows up in the first page of organic results. How do you get those first page rankings? Through a comprehensive SEO approach to your site.

Help your business avoid Google Penalties

SEO services can also help your site avoid any penalties you might not be aware of. Believe it or not, Google can penalize your website for various issues like thin content, and poor link building and duplicate content. An SEO service provider will be able to optimize your site so that you can avoid these penalties and any future algorithms Google may release. The two major algorithm updates you typically hear about are:

  • Penguin – First released in 2012, Penguin targets “link building schemes,” and penalizes sites that seem to have used sketchy tactics like buying links and comment spam links to improve their link building. SEO services will help you avoid poor linking methods, and will make sure you build links with credible sites that will boost your rankings.
  • Panda – Released in 2011, and always updating, Google Panda penalizes sites that are low quality, and have thin content, favoring instead websites that are updated often, have in-depth, unique content, and are informational to viewers. A great SEO strategy to avoid Panda penalties is to start a regular blog, and to build out the pages on your site with relevant and helpful content. Most SEO service providers offer this sort of content improvement and steady maintenance.

Control your business listing across the web

Consistent NAP across the web – Another serious advantage of SEO services for your a local business is consistent NAP. What’s NAP? Well for more information check out our post about it, but it stands for Name, Address, and Phone. A good SEO service provider will make sure your NAP is put up the exact same way across the web, from Yelp, to Google, to Bing, to whatever other local listings you may have. SEO experts are pretty certain that Google will cross-reference your site with other websites to verify things like your name, address, and phone number (along with some other information). Not only is this beneficial for search engines, but it also lessens any confusion your viewers might have had looking for your business across the web.

City/Services pages can attract potential clients outside of physical address

Another advantage of SEO services are their ability to make you visible to potential clients outside of your direct region. If you provide services to other areas outside of your physical address, you can build out pages for those respective cities and regions, which will help draw more traffic to people in nearby cities.

Make sure your website can be understood by search engines

One of the greatest advantages of an SEO service provider is that they will understand all of the inner workings of your website, and can make sure your website is readable for search engines. How do they do that? In two main ways:

First, they see if you have a robots.txt file. This is what tells search engine bots and spiders if they have access to your site, and what they can and can’t read. Sometimes your robot.txt files can block pages you don’t want blocked from search engines, which means they won’t show up in search engines.

Second, an SEO professional will know precisely how to incorporate structured data to improve the way your small business shows up in SERPS or search engine results pages. Structured data essentially tells web crawlers how to read your site, and what’s important and makes it easier for them to find.

Assistance with calls-to-action and requests for reviews

Lastly, part of SEO is improving your website experience for your customers. Besides making your website easy to navigate, you can also make calls-to-action and requests for reviews easier for your website visitors to find as well. An SEO service provider will be able to set up these tools directly on your website to optimize leads as well as the visibility of your small business.

  • Calls-to-action – These are a great, non-pushy, but proven effective method of generating leads. Depending on the industry of your small business, an SEO provider will be able to determine how to implement calls-to-action that will drive leads.
  • Requests for reviews – A great way to improve your SEO. Reviews can really boost local rankings, making your website more visible to the people in your area, your best potential clients.


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