So you’ve decided your law firm’s website needs an update. How do you know what to update, and how do you update your site so that it’s optimized to get you the most visitors possible? No matter your practice area, be it personal injury, civil litigation, criminal defense, immigration, or workers’ compensation, there are a few best practices to consider before you move forward.

Modern Theme
One of the most important aspects of your website is how it looks. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your viewers, which means your website has to be engaging. With this in mind, the theme of your website is a big deal. If your website is unclear, outdated, or difficult to navigate, you’re going to lose most visitors in less than a minute.

You’ll also want to choose a theme that relates to and works with your website. Since you’re a lawyer, a theme that’s designed for a commercial retailer will be much more difficult to tailor to your firm’s website, and probably won’t work as well. Pick a theme that makes sense for your firm to better showcase your unique content.

Be Responsive
Today, more than half of all website traffic occurs on mobile devices. Whether they’re using smartphones, tablets, or iPads, a lot of people are surfing the web on devices other than their computer. This means your website has to be responsive to these mobile devices. If your website isn’t geared towards mobile users, you risk losing a lot of your visitors simply because they can’t properly view or navigate your site.

Compelling Imagery
As we’ve mentioned before, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of anyone who clicks on your website. So, how do you keep them there? The simple answer is images. In today’s digital world, images, more than anything, get people’s attention and compel them to stay on your site, increasing the chances that they become potential leads. You might consider having professional photos taken of your office and your team to use on your website, and any other images you use should be high resolution and relevant to your practice.

You might already have client testimonials up on your site – a great way to encourage potential clients – but do you have client reviews? Another simple practice to optimize your local SEO is to make sure you’re encouraging client reviews on search engines. After you’ve claimed your law firm on all review listing sites, like Yelp and Google for Business, it’s a great idea to ask your clients to review your firm. These local reviews do a lot in terms of SEO, and as a large majority of web-users read web reviews before they make decisions, it’s a great way to drive leads.

Calls to Action
Also known as CTAs, calls to action are the best way to turn visitors to your website into leads. They generally take the form of a button that, once clicked, asks visitors for some contact information, such as name and email. A boldly colored CTA that says “Contact Our Firm” encourages site visitors, who might legitimately need your help, to give you their contact information and explain a little bit about their problem. To maximize their potential, you should have CTAs on every page, but they should also be logically placed within the page. You do want people to click on that CTA, but you don’t want to distract them from your compelling content.

Practice Area Pages
Another great practice to improve your search engine rankings is building out your practice area pages. Are you a workers’ compensation lawyer? Do you deal with personal injury law, or are you more focused on criminal defense? Wherever your firm specializes, it’s advantageous to have a separate page, with specific, unique content, for each practice area. More content means more keywords, which means higher rankings on search engines. This type of content is also useful to your clients. If you have a page dedicated to workers’ compensation, someone searching for workers’ compensation lawyers will be able to quickly and easily find what they need, and then contact you.

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