At this point, most lawyers and law firms have websites. But is your site actually working for you? Your website is more than an online location for your law firm. It’s a way for people to find you, to contact your firm, and to become real clients. So how do you make that happen? Having designed a few websites ourselves, we’ve got a few tips on how to optimize your website design to draw in more clients to your law firm:

Show your experience

People searching for a lawyer want to know for certain that they’re making the right choice. Any way you can assure them that you and your firm will get results will help you convert site viewers to potential clients. Here’s a few suggestions that are proven to get results:

Degrees, Certifications and Awards: Anything that shows that you have a great, qualified firm should be highly visible on your site. People want to see your accomplishments. If you got an award for being one of the best firms in your practice area, display that on your home page. This is a great way to convey legitimacy, and to convince potential clients of your qualifications.

Client Testimonials: People on the internet today are motivated by reviews. A client saying how great your legal services were is just as effective, if not more effective than displaying awards and degrees. It’s a good idea to have past clients send in testimonials that you can post on your site. You can send out an email to previous clients, requesting that they provide testimonials, or you could offer incentives to current clients for providing testimonials.

Write for your audience

Legalese is pretty much impossible for anyone but lawyers to understand. This means that most of your clients aren’t going to understand complex legal writing. Your clients aren’t lawyers, they’re people looking for lawyers to represent them. So, make sure your site is written for the client. Break down complex legal terms and ideas into real-people speech, and you’re likely to get a lot of positive feedback and more site viewers.

Don’t use stock photos

It’s not an effective way of drawing in clients because it doesn’t offer a real picture of your firm. You want to convey to people that you are a legitimate firm that gets results, and a good way to build that connection is to have real photos of your office and your legal team. You don’t necessarily have to invest in a photographer, but you should have high quality photos of the people that make up your law firm. Putting a face to your firm is a great way to build trust and legitimacy, making people feel more comfortable about contacting you for legal assistance.

Responsive and easy to use design

More than half of all web traffic today is mobile. That means your website needs to be configured for mobile traffic, or responsive. In addition to that, your site should be easy to navigate, and look professional. When potential clients can navigate your site easily, they’re less likely to bounce off and keep looking for something better. Make sure everything is clearly laid out, have your practice areas listed, and it’s a good idea to have a catalogue of your attorneys with their phone numbers. When people can see what you look like, and can access your information easily, they’re more likely to look into your site.

Add a blog

A blog does a couple of things for your website. First, it keeps fresh content on your site, meaning that you’re likely to rank higher for targeted keywords, and second, it develops a relationship between you and potential clients. People looking for help have questions about their legal troubles, and it can be difficult to find information that answers their questions and is easy to digest. A blog gives you the chance to explain, in English, frequently asked questions your clients may have, which brings viewers in, and establishes your firm as an authority. You should keep your blog centered around your practice areas, so that it’s relevant to your firm and website, and helps you rank organically in search engines.

Easy contact

It’s a good idea to have your contact information prominently displayed on your site. The easier it is for site viewers to contact your firm, the more likely they are to do so. Your phone number should be at the top of every page, and you might consider adding a contact form. The more accessible you make your firm, the more likely people are to contact you. There should be a way for viewers to get in touch with your firm, or specific attorneys, on every website to really optimize the amount of conversions you get.

Offer incentives

Though you already have your contact information up on your site, you should also consider offering incentives that entice people to make contact. Offering helpful content like a “Guide to Your Workers’ Compensation Case” or “10 Times You Need to Call a Lawyer” is a great way to motivate people to give you their information. When that great content is gated and downloadable, you’ll get the contact information of interested viewers that can become great clients.

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