True Value Home Pro is a local, West Michigan full-service home improvement contractor that tackles a wide range of home services. There is a large number of home improvement professionals in West Michigan and True Value Home Pro needed help setting themselves apart from the competition. They recognized that to distinguish their company as one of the top home improvement contractors in West Michigan, they needed to develop a strong online presence for their local service areas.

True Value Home Pro had an ultimate goal of increasing the amount of qualified local leads coming to their site, but they also wanted an updated website that was user-friendly and could attractively display images of their complete projects. HA Digital Marketing took over the True Value Home Pro project, applying our multi-faceted digital marketing strategy tailored specifically to True Value Home Pro’s needs.

Following the development of a new website and comprehensive application of our digital marketing strategy, True Value Has seen a tremendous increase in qualified leads and a related, favorable bump in their conversion rate. In just six months, HA Digital Marketing brought True Value Home Pro to a 3.02% conversion rate and increased the number of qualified leads coming to the site exponentially.

This means that now, more people are visiting the True Value Home Pro website, and an even greater number of them are actually using the site to schedule appointments and request estimates. Not only did HA Digital Marketing improve True Value Home Pro’s overall incoming traffic, social media following, and overall site visibility, we generated a large number of qualified leads for the company in just six months, boosting their conversion rate to a competitive 3.02%.

What does this mean for you? Well, The HA Digital Marketing strategy is proven to deliver. From our overwhelmingly positive results with True Value Home Pro, a full-service contractor, it’s clear that our multi-faceted digital marketing strategy improves overall site traffic, generates more qualified leads, and increases revenue in this unique industry. At HA Digital Marketing, we make sure we understand your home improvement company’s challenges and goals, and we tailor our efforts to those specific needs, ensuring you get the results you want.

If you’d like to see the rest of the True Value Home Pro results and learn what the team at HA Digital Marketing did to generate a 3.02% conversion rate from a site that originally didn’t even have metrics, check out the full case study below!

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