If you’re in the home services industry, you know that the best type of customers are repeat customers. Obviously, providing impeccable, top-quality service is the most important component to creating repeat business, but there are a couple of other things you can do to supplement your high-quality work and great customer service to keep people coming back.

Say thank you

After completing a job, follow up with your client by sending a thank you message. Not only is this courteous and polite—which will delight your customers—it allows you to ensure that they’re totally satisfied with your service (and if not, to rectify the situation). It’s also a great opportunity to provide them with information that will prompt follow-up services (e.g., In November, when it’s time to clean your gutters, feel free to give us a call!)

This thank you message is also a great time to get client feedback and ask for a testimonial or review on Google, Yelp, or Houzz, which will help attract future customers. It’s also a way for you to provide incentives to your clients like coupons or discounts on future services.

Keep in touch

Don’t just leave it at thanks—stay in touch with your customer through email marketing. You already have their contact information: use it to send information that’s timely and relevant. Did you recently build a new deck? When winter is approaching, try sending out an email to that client including content you’ve created about winterizing a deck. Just finish a roof repair? Share content about knowing when it’s time for a new roof.

One great way to do this is to create a digital newsletter. It’s an awesome method of sharing timely, seasonal content with your clients that may be valuable to them. It will help keep you in mind, ensuring the next time your customer needs a service you perform, your name will be the first they think of.

To create repeat business, you need to make sure your clients remember how great your work was, and digital marketing techniques let you remind them in a gentle, non-pushy way, while providing them with information that will be useful. By keeping in touch with content relevant to the service you provide, you demonstrate that you care about your customers and your work—and that can earn you customers for life.

Interested in using digital content to keep your customers coming back? We know how to do that. For more information on using email and content marketing to your advantage, be sure to check out our Digital Marketing Guide specifically for home service professionals:

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