When you logged into your Facebook account this morning, you might have noticed something a little bit different.

No longer are you forced to simply “like” a post, picture, or article. That politically charged post that gets your blood boiling? You can be mad about it. That sad Sarah McLachlan commercial about orphaned puppies? You can be sad about it. That weird man-eating new species of jellyfish they’ve just discovered off the coast of Australia? You can say “wow.”

Thanks to modern technology, you’re allowed to express your opinions about Facebook posts in five additional ways! Facebook has developed new “reaction buttons” that let you show your friends your true feelings, and the update went live today.

What are your new options? Well, you still have the apathetic “like,” but you’ve also been given the following more expressive choices: “love,” “wow,” “haha,” “sad,” and “angry.”

Facebook Reactions Icons

Facebook’s been testing these new reactions for about a year now in Ireland and Spain, and they finally go live today. Unfortunately, they do not include the long awaited “dislike” button. The theory is that both “sad” and “angry” reactions cover what a dislike button would have accomplished.

What’s the point of these reactions? Generally speaking, they’re supposed to generate more user engagement. Many Facebook users have mentioned they feel uncomfortable liking a post that is sad or upsets them, so the additional reactions are adapting to those user needs. With the new update, users can select an appropriate reaction to a post rather than just “liking” it. Now you don’t have to like the most recent Donald Trump clip, you can be angry about it.

If you want these new reactions on your iOS and Android too, the free update is available starting today.

Read more about Facebook Reactions Global Release on their blog


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