Home service providers have been using word-of-mouth as a primary method for acquiring new business forever, but in an increasingly digital world, online reviews of home service providers are becoming the new word-of-mouth. Remember the last time you made a major purchase decision without first reading customer reviews? Neither do we. So, client reviews are crucial for attracting new business; how do you get customers to provide reviews?

Provide great service

Duh. Seriously though, providing great service is still the key to getting positive reviews from clients. Think about the last time you looked at online reviews for a restaurant or service provider. It’s likely that most of the reviews are either very good or very bad, five stars or one star. That’s because people aren’t motivated to provide reviews of just adequate or slightly unsatisfactory service–only if the service is excellent will they be delighted enough to review, or terrible enough that they feel obligated to warn others. Keep this in mind to ensure that you give the high quality, exceeds expectations service that will make your customers want to leave a great review.

Offer incentives

If you’d like your clients to review your service, ask them to provide an honest review, and offer something in exchange for their review. If you want someone to go out of their way to write a review, you should offer something in return. Discounts on future service, like a coupon for $20 off your next service, is a good motivator, as well as things like a $5 or $10 gift card to a local restaurant or gas station.

None of this is to say that you should pay people in exchange for positive reviews–that is unethical. Make sure that it’s clear that you want your clients’ honest opinions when they provide reviews, and if you offer a discount or other incentive for reviews, when a client leaves an honest review at your request, even if it’s not positive, don’t withhold the incentive. In the case of a less than stellar review, offering a discount for a future service might give you the chance to “make it right” and change that customer’s mind about the quality of your service.

Make it easy

If you want clients to provide reviews, you have to make it as easy as possible for them. Don’t make them work to find out where and how to review you: be accessible on the platforms that they’re using. Maintain a presence on the sites your customers are likely using, such as Google, Houzz, and Facebook. If you don’t have a Google profile for your business, clients won’t be able to review it there, and those nonexistent reviews won’t show up when potential customers search your business name or for your service.

When customers are extremely pleased with your service, have incentives to provide reviews, and can easily do so, they are more likely to leave online reviews of your service. Since customer reviews can be hugely influential to potential customers who are considering hiring your home services company, the more honest, objective client reviews you have, the better.

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