Alright, so in our last post, Houzz for Home Service Professionals: What’s the Deal? we talked about how splendid Houzz is, and more specifically, why it’s so great for home improvement contractors, builders, and developers. Now that you know it’s great, we want to let you in on some secrets that will make Houzz work for you! Here’s 7 Houzz features that you can use to boost your online presence and generate qualified leads:

Include keywords

Houzz is a massive website with projects and contributors from all over the world. If you want your projects, photos, and profile to show up, you’ll want to make sure you’re strategically placing target keywords wherever you can. If you do a deck remodel, make sure to title that project “Grand Haven Deck Remodel.” While there’s millions of deck project remodels out there, there’s considerably less Grand Haven deck remodels, so you’re likely to come up higher in relevant searches when you mention your service area, or geographical location.

Increase reviews

The other thing that will bump up your Houzz rankings is a decent number of quality reviews. The more reviews you have, the higher you’ll pop up in geographical searches that Houzz users conduct. Why?

Well, online reviews are today’s version of word-of-mouth referrals. People who are looking for a contractor, someone to handle either their remodel or build, are going to shop around, and research shows that online shoppers read reviews religiously. So, not only do reviews bump up your rankings, but great reviews like the one below are likely to entice more qualified clients, and get you some more business.


houzz werner review

But how do you get people to fill out rave reviews like this one?

To get reviews, you have to ask. While some people will just automatically write a review once you finish a job, most people won’t think of it unless they’re asked. So incorporate review requests into your email (Houzz makes that easy), and make sure you’re reviewing anyone you work with who could review you back.

If you have partners, like interior designers or landscapers, just throw them a review first. They’re likely to review you right back. If they don’t, just ask them! Reviews are invaluable, and they’re really not that difficult to fill out.

Link projects to blog posts

Houzz has a handy feature that allows you to include a link with any project that you post, so that viewers can find out more information about it. Definitely use this to your advantage. First of all, if someone likes the project enough to learn more about it, they’re already a qualified lead. Second of all, if they take the link back to your website, you’re one step closer to having a new client, because they’re now on your site, and can either follow your calls-to-action or grab your contact info.  

A great way to utilize this tool is to write a short blog about each project you post to Houzz, and link to that blog in the Houzz post. Not only does this draw people to your site from Houzz, but it gives you the opportunity to boost your rankings. Make sure you’re using relevant keywords, your service area name, and you’re giving people enough extra information about the project to make it worth their time. These blogs will help you generate leads in a big way.

Answer questions and give advice

You’re an expert, right? Act like it! Houzz has great discussion features that allow people to ask questions, and request advice. Monitor both of these features regularly, and jump in on the topics you know a lot about. People are asking questions because they want your answers, and more importantly, these people with questions are probably getting close to deciding on their remodel, and are looking for a responsive, knowledgeable, expert builder just like you! So put out that great image, start engaging with these new potential clients, and you’re sure to see results.

The more advice threads you keep up on, and the more questions you answer, the more trust and authority you’ll be creating. What’s more, you’ll be building and maintaining strong customer relationships. So even if some people aren’t in your area, or aren’t looking to build or remodel just yet, when you answer their questions with solid, in-depth advice, they’re sure to remember you for the future.

Add a Houzz badge to your site

Houzz offers badges that you can put on your site, showing that you have a Houzz account. They’ll all boost your ranking in the Houzz local directory, and you can choose from simple ones that just advertise that you have a Houzz profile, to badges for specific Houzz awards and achievements.


Houzz werner badges

For an even fancier option, Houzz also offers widgets that allow you to display your Houzz projects and reviews on your website. These both go a long way in building trust, as you’re allowing people to see that your company is on Houzz, a highly trusted website for builders and home developers, and they’ll show off all the great things people have had to say about you!

Submit your project for editorial review

You can always submit a project you’re particularly proud of to the Houzz editorial review team, for the chance to be displayed in one of their regular emailers that go out to all subscribers. If they choose your project, that’s free national advertising! They have regular “Room of the Day” and “Kitchen of the Week” blogs that feature a different Houzz user’s project each time. If your project is selected, you’ll get all kinds of exposure, and if it’s not, you haven’t lost anything, because it’s also free to submit!


houzz room of the day

It can’t hurt to try, so if you’ve got a project you’re especially proud of, send it in!

Complete your profile

We know we shouldn’t have to say this, but if you don’t finish your business profile on Houzz, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. You want your profile to be filled out with as much in-depth information as possible. The more information on your profile, the more credible you are. Check out this profile for example:


houzz werner profile

Not only do they have their logo set as their profile picture, they also have a high definition cover photo that showcases a project of theirs. They’ve filled out all of their contact information, have included their license number so people can verify their business, and they’ve even put in their standard price range for jobs.

This is a great way to weed out potential customers that won’t be a good fit for your company. When they can see where you work, and how much you typically charge, it’s easier to decide if they’re a good fit or not.

Additionally, Werner Roofing has included their Houzz badges and awards, company affiliations, as well as high definition photos of projects that they’re proud of. This is a really important factor for both rankings, and lead generation. The better your projects look, the more attention you’ll get from Houzz subscribers, which means you’ll be looking at considerably more leads. You do great work, right? Make sure you show it off!

If you want to generate more qualified leads, you need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The rising popularity of Houzz just goes to show how many of your clients are online, searching for home service professionals just like you! Check out our Home Services Digital Marketing Guide to see how you can create a digital marketing strategy that draws in those potential clients, and gets you more jobs.

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If you have more questions about using Houzz for your home improvement contracting, developing, or building company, feel free to send us an email or give us a call at 616-843-0877 today! Digital marketing is kind of our thing, so we’d love to help you out in any way we can!