If you’re a home service provider, online directories like Angie’s List and Houzz can do wonders for your digital presence. While they won’t necessarily improve your search engine rankings, they’re certain to drive qualified, interested leads to your site.  

Interested searchers

If someone is looking at an online home services directory for the service you provide, you already know that they’re an interested and qualified lead. A directory listing allows clients to come to you, rather than you coming to them in the form of interruptive ads.

Customer reviews

Many of these online directories are more than just a digital phonebook; they also are a platform for customer reviews. Customer reviews are the digital word-of-mouth advertising, and potential customers are reading reviews of service providers before making any decisions. Customer reviews allow potential customers to get unbiased, third-party information about the quality of your services, and that gives them confidence when making a hiring decision. If your customers are leaving great reviews of your company and service, leads will come pouring in.

Take advantage of this by motivating your customers to review you on these sites. If your customers are satisfied with the above-and-beyond service you’ve provided them, they’ll be happy to leave a positive review. You can also incentivize customers to leave reviews by offering discounts on future services or other such promotions.

Comparison shopping

A directory lists your company right alongside your competitors, which is a good thing for your potential customers, as it allows them to compare ratings, reviews, and services. It can also be a great thing for your company if you offer services that your direct competitors don’t, your customer service is better, or your prices are lower.

Directories that are more than directories

While Houzz and Angie’s List do have directory features, both are more than just directories. Angie’s List is also a hiring platform, clients hire service providers through Angie’s List, allowing Angie’s List to intervene in any disputes. It also performs background checks on service providers, which further qualifies you in the eyes of future customers.

Houzz is almost a social media platform––it allows users to bookmark and share things, and it provides a place for you to interact with clients and potential clients on a company page that you actively manage. It’s the Facebook for anything homes, and if you’re not using it, you should be. (We’re not kidding, just check out some of our other posts on Houzz, Houzz for Home Service Professionals: What’s the Big Deal? and Houzz for Home Service Professionals: Make Houzz Work for You). 

Online directories are crucial for reaching new clients if you provide a home service. They allow you to easily reach qualified potential customers and highlight the services your company provides and your excellent customer service and professionalism with objective customer reviews.

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