The next big thing in social media advertising has arrived. As you probably know, Facebook owns Instagram, and though you could previously set up some Insta ad campaigns through Facebook, there was originally no way to track those ads, or evaluate their effectiveness. Well, as of yesterday, it would appear that is all about to change.


Instagram just announced that it will be making its platform more accessible for businesses. Their new “Instagram for Business” update will function to increase the power of business advertising for Instagram on three different levels:


1). Business profiles: When the update comes out, businesses will be able to create business specific profiles for free, which will grant your account a whole bunch of new capabilities. Not only will you be classified as a business, instead of a personal profile, but you’ll have the ability to put a contact button on your profile and posts, which can link to the contact method of your choice: call, text, or email. Users will also get directions to your business when they tap the contact button.


2). Insights: With the use of a business profile, you’ll unlock a whole new level of analytics that will allow you to tailor your Instagram posts to your ideal customer. You’ll be able to see when people are checking out your posts, which posts are the most popular, and which followers are your biggest fans. You’ll get access to all kinds of demographics, like where your viewers are coming from, their age and gender. We don’t have to say it, but this is huge. Now you’ll be able to adjust your Instagram strategy to create more relevant content, and post it when you know people will be checking.


3). Promote: Finally, your business profile will let you turn your best posts into ads. You can repost things that you know resonate well with your followers, and add an action button to the post. Instagram will even let you select a target audience, or they’ll target an audience for you, and then your ad will be promoted for as long as you like.


This new Instagram update will make advertising on Insta ridiculously more efficient. It will remove the guesswork from ads on Instagram, streamlining them into a user-friendly, effective way to advertise on one of the most popular social media channels out there. Check out the full article from Instagram for more info, and check back with us for updates on when they’re planning the rollout.