If your business has a Facebook page, you may have noticed a recent update. FB is quietly rolling out a new design for business pages that showcases your cover photo, and makes your business’ Facebook page more actionable. Facebook hasn’t made an announcement about the update yet, and it’s still not visible to everyone, so it’s possible that you haven’t seen the update. Some of us at HA Digital Marketing were lucky enough to get a glimpse, and we’re pretty impressed, so we thought we’d share it with you. In case you can’t look at the updated business pages yet, we’ve put in a couple pictures so you can visualize the changes as we break down the benefits.


The old Facebook business page design:

Facebook business page design before

The profile picture obscured parts of the cover page, and buttons weren’t prominent. Your like button, message button, and “more” ellipsis button all obstructed whatever lovely thing you had on your cover photo. Not only that, but the navigation menu for your page, which takes users to reviews, videos, photos, and events, was also taking up valuable space directly under that cover photo. For us, this made it difficult to design a cover photo, because our graphic designer had to take into account the placement of the buttons, and create a photo that worked around them.  


The new Facebook business page design:

Facebook business page design after

As you can see, the profile pic has been moved to the side, providing logical logo placement, and leaving you free to design a cover photo however you like. Additionally, Facebook moved like, message, and call-to-action buttons from the cover photo to down below, drawing more attention to whatever you wanted to put front and center. The navigation menu, which was previously under the cover photo, has shifted to the left, under the profile picture. The new menu is much more user friendly, showing all of your options, and allowing page visitors to easily click through your page to find your contact information, events, and reviews.


The final and best improvement, in our humble opinion, is the call-to-action button update. While it used to be a blah grey square that blended in with the rest of the page, it is now a bright blue button that stands out directly below the cover photo. Pretty hard to miss!


What the new Facebook business page design means for you:

So, why do we care so much about the new business page update? Well, maybe we’re just internet geeks, but to us it means a serious bump in Facebook conversion capabilities. Users can more easily navigate your business page, and your call to action button is exceedingly prominent. The new menu is great, because people can access your business reviews, and learn about any upcoming events immediately, instead of having to scroll through the old drop-down menu, or your timeline. The prominent call to action button makes it easier for you to direct people to your website, your contact page, or a landing page. And the easier you make it for people to contact you, or link over to your store, the easier it is to make money. We can’t wait for the complete roll-out!