Angstrom Technology is a leader in cleanroom industry.

Website Redesign & Inbound Marketing

A Michigan-based B2B manufacturer, Angstrom Technology designs and installs high-tech modular cleanrooms worldwide. In addition to cleanroom manufacturing, Angstrom sells a variety of cleanroom-related products to clients all over the nation. When Angstrom Technology called HA Digital Marketing, they were looking for a website that was mobile responsive, attractively featured their previous projects, and offered customers a more user-friendly shopping experience. Like many B2B manufacturers, Angstrom Technology focused on word-of-mouth referrals at the time, but realized that with a more sophisticated website and increased digital marketing efforts, they could boost their number of qualified leads from all over the country.

To expand Angstrom Technology’s online reach, HA Digital Marketing first overhauled their existing website, creating one in its place that is mobile responsive, photo centric, and user friendly. This attractive, clean web design functions to keep potential clients on the page, and features a number of CTAs to encourage user engagement. HA Digital Marketing then incorporated an intuitive e-commerce element of the website, which allows clients to create an account and track previous purchases. After the new site was up and running, we implemented a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy that includes the regular development of search engine optimized content, increased social media engagement, and paid search ads. Through our targeted SEO efforts and comprehensive website design techniques, Angstrom Technology has grown their online presence and continues to see a massive increase in qualified buyers from both paid and organic traffic.

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