Lakeshore Fittings manufactures machined components and fittings.

Website Redesign

A local Grand Haven high-speed machining facility, Lakeshore Fittings specializes in aluminum and brass machined components and fittings. Lakeshore Fittings produces thousands of fittings a day and delivers them to clients all over the nation. Like many B2B companies, Lakeshore Fittings had an older website and were relying primarily on word of mouth and old-school marketing techniques to create business. But Lakeshore Fittings realized they could do more, and called HA Digital Marketing to see how they could more effectively generate leads.

To boost the Lakeshore Fittings digital marketing capabilities we first did a website overhaul, updating their original website to be mobile responsive, user-friendly, and visible to search engines. We were also granted the unique opportunity of developing an e-commerce online store, where clients can easily log in, select the fittings they need or re-order the same products they’ve purchased in the past. In addition to creating a website that helped pull clients through the sales funnel, HA Digital Marketing installed sophisticated email marketing tools and rewrote content to optimize for search engines. Through our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Lakeshore Fittings is now drawing in more qualified potential buyers and has generated a large online presence that sets them apart from their competition.

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