MultiLab is a steel lab furniture and casework manufacturer.

Website Redesign & Inbound Marketing

A local Spring Lake, MI lab manufacturer, Multi-Lab designs and builds custom laboratories across the nation. They serve a variety of industries, from pharmaceutical to educational and medical laboratories, which means their website has to target multiple audiences. Though Multi-Lab was happy with their existing website, they knew they needed an online presence boost to draw in the qualified traffic that could take their company to the next level. They decided inbound marketing might be the solution to their lack of traffic and came to HA Digital Marketing for help implementing an ongoing inbound strategy.

To ensure the Multi-Lab site was reaching the right audience, we first set to work defining their target buyers. With that in-depth research in hand, we were able to implement a number of ongoing inbound efforts targeted to those specific personas. We continue to utilize our full suite of inbound marketing tactics to bolster the Multi-Lab online presence. Some of our best practices include: strategic content creation, paid search and social media campaigns, as well as thorough email marketing techniques that draw qualified leads to the site, and keep them coming back for more high-quality, relevant content. As we continue to research and refine each of these strategies, the Multi-Lab website receives more and more qualified traffic. Today, the Multi-Lab site is ranking highly for key search terms and has seen a massive increase in qualified leads and conversions.

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