Whitmore Homes designs and builds beautiful custom homes in West Michigan.

Website Redesign & Inbound Marketing

Whitmore Homes is a premier custom home builder in West Michigan. Their projects range far and wide, from local developments to custom individual homes for clients looking to build their dream home. When Whitmore Homes called HA Digital Marketing, they were searching for a company that could help them expand their reach throughout the local community and build their online presence.

HA Digital Marketing was granted the opportunity to build the new Whitmore Homes website, and we continue to manage every aspect of their digital marketing strategy, from content creation to social media to pay-per-click and Facebook ads. Their new website is user-friendly and attractive to potential buyers, and draws in new traffic through our targeted SEO efforts. As Whitmore Homes continues to see more and more qualified leads coming from both paid search ads and organic search results, the HA Digital Marketing strategy proves effective.

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