Even some little things that many not seem important can have a big impact on how search engines view and rank your website. One thing that can make a difference is making sure your NAP is consistent across the web. Not only can this help with SEO, but you also ensure there is no confusion when potential customers are looking for your business.

What Is NAP?

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone. Making sure these three items are consistent across the web is important so that your business ranks well in local, organic search results. Most SEO experts think that Google cross-references the NAP on your website with other sites across the web to verify you have a legitimate business. The more they can validate your company, the better they view your site.

For example: If your company’s name is Joe’s Plumbing Inc., you want to make sure it’s represented that way wherever it’s listed. If some places online have you listed as Joe’s Plumbing or Plumbing by Joe, these can be negative signals to search engines – not to mention confusing to customers.

Where should I monitor my NAP?

Your business can be listed on countless places across the web and you want to try to claim every instance possible to ensure the information on each of them is correct. There are some easy places to start that may even have a slightly bigger impact than smaller websites.

  • Claim your Google maps location and make sure all your information is correct.
  • Add your NAP to the homepage of your website
  • Add your NAP to all of your social profiles – Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare, etc.
  • Claim your profiles on major sites like YP.com, BBB.org, local chambers of commerce, etc.

Once you get the major websites taken care of, you can spend time focusing on some of the smaller, more difficult websites like industry directories, 411.com, manta.com, etc.

If you want more information about improving the visibility of your business online, send us a quick message and we can chat about it.

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