Let us show you how inbound marketing can convert the right traffic.

What good is a beautiful website if it doesn’t get any traffic? Sure, your site has to look great, but first and foremost, it has to be visible. That’s why at HADM we don’t stop at just web-design.  We’re a true digital marketing company, and we put a lot of effort into ensuring that your website does what it’s supposed to: drive traffic and generate leads.  The most effective way to do this is through inbound marketing.  We develop a customized inbound marketing strategy that fits your company, driving the right traffic to your site, and converting qualified leads.

Inbound marketing is all about creating great content that attracts qualified visitors to your site.  By creating content that your customers want to read, that answers their questions and addresses their pain points, and then by sharing that great content across the web, you’ll see a massive increase in traffic and conversions.  

The best way to use inbound marketing to promote your company and your product is to figure out who exactly you’re trying to target.  To do that we’ll create buyer personas. These are detailed profiles of the people who make the best customers for you, and who are most likely to purchase your product or service.  We work with you to figure out what kinds of customers and clients you have, and what kind of customers and clients you want.  From there, we can develop content that addresses those clients specifically, and draws them into your site.  

Blogging & Content Marketing

Using that buyer persona, we’ll set up a blog for you containing evergreen content that attracts visitors and converts them into leads.  Content is one of the most important aspects of an inbound strategy, and it’s something we’re experts at. We use keyword analytics to determine what keywords will integrate well into your inbound marketing strategy, and we also work with you to see what you would like to rank for, and what your top customers are searching for. Then we put all of that research into helpful, creative blogs that draw new visitors in, answering their questions and developing a level of trust that makes them want to work with your company.  We’ll also handle and update your blog regularly for you, to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your website, and improving your online authority.

Website Page Content

Our background in web design offers our clients an additional bonus – a website that looks beautiful, and functions even better.  We know what your website needs to attract visitors and to rank highly in search engines.  We’ll develop your service pages, and create site content that explains to potential clients what you do, why you’re the best, and how you can help them.  Your website will feature content that is unique, keyword-rich, and establishes you as an authority, ensuring its accessibility both to search engines and to the clients you want.  

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Like we mentioned before, it’s hard to get leads if your site doesn’t have much traffic.  That’s why we take a “future-proof” approach to our SEO strategy. We avoid “black hat” techniques and quick-fix practices that are likely to garner penalizations following future algorithm changes. Instead we put in the time to create a site, and content for that site, that puts you at the top of search engine results pages naturally. We create quality, targeted content that is original and pertinent to your clients, improving your authority and relevance, and boosting your organic search rankings. Our results are legitimate, and we keep up on Google trends and algorithm changes to make sure that you stay at the top.  

Social Media Publishing

You know that great content we create? Well we also market it for you, on your own social media.  Turns out Facebook isn’t just for connecting with old high-school flings; in fact, Facebook, along with other social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and more, are some of the best places to extend and share that lead driving content.  With 72 percent of online American adults using social networking sites, it’s hard to imagine not using social networks to market.  Add that to the fact that 84 percent of company Facebook page fans are current or former customers of the brand, and it’s easy to see that social media is about a lot more than just #hashtagging and emojis.

Social media networks start conversations, and promote interaction, the kind of engagement that converts visitors to leads.  We’ll start those conversations on the platforms that are right for your company, and convert those leads to sales.  

Converting customers

Your website is all about finding potential leads and converting them into customers. Our inbound strategy ensures this by including calls to action and landing pages that encourage leads to take action and become contacts.  By enticing your site visitors to “Learn More,” “Request a Quote,” or “Schedule an Appointment” they’ll convert from just visitors to real leads.  You’ll get their contact information through a landing page we set up, allowing you to start a conversation, and turn them into real customers.  

Marketing Automation

Another important aspect of our inbound marketing strategy is our unique marketing automation approach. We don’t believe in spamming customers, and we think that sending customers irrelevant content does more harm than good.  We’ll work with you to develop email lists through your calls to action and landing pages, and once we know who your leads are, we’ll develop emails that deliver relevant, helpful information to new or existing contacts.  Our strategy is proven to boost ROI and increase sales by using targeted, dynamic language that speaks directly to leads, promoting both conversions and sales.  


Now that your website has the power not only to draw in the right kind of traffic, but also to convert leads into customers, we’ll make sure it stays that way.  We track the conversions and interactions your site generates, and we analyze the measured results from each of your Google Analytics campaigns, so that we can provide you with a monthly, comprehensive report.  These reports are detailed and focus on each campaign so you can see exactly what’s working, and what needs a little tweaking.  And, we’re a Google Certified Partner, which means you’ll have exclusive access to everything that Google Analytics and Google Adwords has to offer.  

Our inbound marketing strategy is proven to generate leads, and maintain customers.  We’ll make sure your site ranks highly for industry-specific keywords, generates relevant, qualified leads, and maintains current customers through targeted content and relevant marketing automation strategies.  

Do you think the following will help your business or organization?

  • More qualified leads
  • Heightened social media presence
  • Search engine visibility
  • More site traffic
  • Increased ROI on your marketing strategies


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