It’s amazing how fast technology and the internet changes and evolves. It may seem like you just updated your dentistry website, but the truth is, if your site is nearing it’s 3 year life span, it may be time to modernize it. Luckily, there are some quick and easy updates you can do right now to give your dentistry website a breath of fresh air.

Before you start making any changes, though, it’s important to understand that everything you do should be done from the eyes of the patient experience. You wouldn’t want to spend time reworking your website if it’s not going to benefit your patients – or potential patients – in the long run.

“Request an Appointment” Online

One of the easiest updates to any medical or healthcare site is giving your patients the option to “Request an Appointment” online. This can be as simple as adding a form to your site that automatically sends an email to your office about the appointment request. Be sure you ask relevant, required questions to help you identify and contact the patient. It would be a bummer to both you and them if you forgot to ask for their phone number or email address and couldn’t follow up on their request.

A great way to accomplish an online appointment request form is through DemandForce. They are the leading online booking software and offer many options that cater directly to the dental industry. DemandForce also offers many other great integration options to streamline your dental practice workflow and help drive more traffic to your website.

Include New Patient Forms

This simple, but effective update will benefit everyone at the office. After adding in your “Request an Appointment” online form, be sure to make any other new patient forms available to download directly from the site. These could include your patient registration, medical history, financial policy, HIPAA and consent forms. Including these online will help cut the waiting time for new patients at their initial appointment since they already have printed the PDFs and filled out the forms beforehand.

Ditch the Stock Photography

Back away from the stock photography. We mean it. Stock photography can become tacky and tired fast, especially when every other dental website is using the exact same images as you. We suggest contacting a professional, local photographer to visit your office and take some high quality images of your office and staff. Having these images on your site will give your practice an instant boost in personality and professionalism. A really fun way to showcase these new photos is by including an Office Tour gallery so people can “visit your office” virtually. It’s all about those first impressions, man.

Add Service Pages

I’m sure you already have a list of services you offer on your site, but are they up-to-date? Many dental practices switch up or add new services to their office and it’s easy to forget to update your site. After you’ve made sure your list is current, why not go the extra step and expand on each of them? Having a dedicated page for each service will not only help inform your visitors, it can increase your page ranking on search engines. And the higher the visibility on search engines means the higher your website traffic will be.

Responsive Design

This is now a standard for all websites across all industries. If your website is not mobile responsive, you could be losing out on A LOT of organic traffic. In fact, just last year, Google announced they would be penalizing any website that is not mobile-friendly. That’s as good an excuse as any to modernize your dental practice’s website.

We’re really good at a few things, and helping dentists is one of them. If you’d like to learn more about how we delivered great results with huge ROI for Mogren Dental, you can download the full case study here:

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