When it comes to digital marketing, there are a lot of scams out there, and a lot of those scams target law firms. After all, attorneys aren’t known for their marketing skills. How do you know the digital marketing you’re paying for is legitimate? Here are the things you should look out for when hiring a digital marketing company.

No Measurables

If the company you’re working with isn’t providing you with measurable proof of their activities, you might be getting scammed. If you’re not seeing a return on your investment, you’re wasting your money. Effective digital marketing will show results: increased site traffic, increased engagement on your social media, and increased lead conversion. The company you’re working should be able to prove those results.

Deceptive Practices

This goes without saying, but any company that uses deception to get you interested is not worth working with. You don’t want to be deceived, and you don’t want to tarnish your reputation by utilizing deceptive practices yourself.

Black-Hat Link Building

Link building can be useful for SEO, but only if it’s done authentically. Black-hat linking practices can actually harm your search engine ranking. Linking through huge link pages or irrelevant sites will look suspicious to Google’s algorithms, and your site will be penalized. Companies engaging in these black-hat SEO techniques are definitely scammers.

Anything that Sounds too Good to be True

If a company guarantees that they can get you first page search rankings, says they’ll get you results in just a few days or weeks, or has a price that’s unbelievably low, trust your instincts. It’s probably a scam. The truth is that it takes time to see changes in organic search results, or the results of real digital marketing generally.

So How do You Avoid Scammers?

First, look into any company you’re considering working with. Google them, check their ratings, and see what customer reviews say. Also, give them a call. If you can’t get anybody on the phone, the company’s sketchy.

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